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Cherry Recommends is an AI product and promotion recommender platform. Cherry naturally recommends the best products and promotions, for your customers

Who is Cherry Recommends for?

Cherry Recommends is for early adopting subscription companies like food boxes of SaaS. It's built for marketers and growth teams to use and requires minimal integration by engineering teams.

Where can Cherry Recommends add value?

Cherry helps with

  1. Free-to-paid conversion for SaaS companies
  2. Boosting basket size and conversion on checkout for consumer subscription companies
  3. Churn reduction for SaaS and consumer subscription companies.

How do I get started with Cherry?

You need to do three things to start with Cherry

  1. Login: Go to https://[your_tenant_name] and click Sign in.
  2. Connect data: Segment takes less than a minute to connect.
  3. Create a recommender: Super easy to do in our web application

How should I use these docs?

We suggest you start by understanding how Cherry Recommends works and some core concepts. Then look at Recommend and Access to determine your best implementation solution. Check out Access and our SDKs as you need too.