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Email Channels

Email Channels are the primary method for delivering recommendations to connected Klaviyo integrated systems.

Destinations are now called Channels
Feature Limitation
  • At this stage, email channels are only available on Klaviyo Integrated Systems.

Creating an Email Channel

  1. In Cherry, click to expand Promotions on the sidebar and select Channels.
  2. Once in Channels, click Create New.
  3. Enter the channel name. Then, select Email as the channel type. Next, choose which Klaviyo Integrated System you wish to associate the channel with. Finally, click Create.
  4. After creating the channel, you can now configure the List Trigger into your channel.


  1. Create an email channel. Once created, go to Configure tab.
  2. In the list dropdown, select the Klaviyo list that will trigger the flow.

Screenshot of where to configure channel endpoint

Assocating with Campaign

In the campaign tabs, click on Delivery.

Screenshot of where to find the Delivery tab

Next, click Add Channel and choose which channel you wish to associate the campaign with.

The following properties will be added to the Klaviyo profile every time the campaign is invoked.

  1. email
  2. first_name
  3. coupon_code
  4. promotion.benefitType
  5. promotion.benefitValue
  6. promotion.commonId
  7. promotion.description
  8. promotion.directCost
  9. promotion.discountEndsAt
  10. promotion.discountStartsAt
  12. promotion.numberOfRedemptions
  13. promotion.promotionType