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Getting started with Shopify

Cherry Recommends connects to Shopify using a Shopify App.

Cherry Recommends is currently unlisted, so you cannot discover it through Shopify, but it can still be installed. An app installation link should be requested from Cherry support.

Installing the Cherry Recommends app

Clicking on the installation link or app install button for the Cherry Shopify app will navigate you to the app install page. This is where you will be able to review the permissions required by the application. Click on Install and you will be navigated to Cherry with a login prompt. Login your credentials and one of the following will occur:

  • Connection will happen automatically.
  • If you have multiple Tenant memberships or Environments, you may need to select your target tenant first and click on Connect.


Once connected, a prompt for successful integration should appear and you can click on View Integration to see an overview page of the Shopify connection. The Cherry AI app automatically subscribes to Shopify webhooks:

  • app/uninstalled
  • orders/paid

Your Shopify integration will automatically convert customer order payments into Events.

Try performing a Shopify order payment to confirm the integration.

Advanced Options

Shopify integration allows automatic creation of discount codes in your Shopify store. To enable, make sure to set the Discount Code Generator to Yes under the Shopify Store Integration details.

Discount Code Generator