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Visit the Cherry app library for a complete list of integrations.

Conceptual Model


Connections to systems external to Cherry are called Integrated Systems. These serve various functions within Cherry, including Data Sources and Channels.

Data Sources

Sources provide data about customers. Cherry works with both event data streams (e.g. Segment) and summary data (e.g. Hubspot). The key data required by Cherry are events when a Customer consumed (i.e. uses) a promotion. For example, when a Customer purchases a basket with a Discount Code, an event should be sent to Cherry.


Channels are methods for sending Promotions from Cherry to a Customer. There are several types of Channel, including webhooks, email, and web.

When a Channel is chosen as a delivery method for a Campaign, a message is sent to the channel when a promotion is recommended for a customer.

Add an Integration

Head over to the Integrations section of the main menu to add an integration.

New Integrations