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Four2 is changing to Cherry Recommends, but “under the hood” we’re still the same. This document outlines the steps we’ll take together to ensure continuity of service as you move from your single tenant Four2 application to our multi-tenant Cherry Recommends platform.

Migrations Steps

There are 5 steps that should be taken to migrate, but only step 2 is mandatory.

Step 1 – Update your JavaScript Dependencies (for JavaScript SDK users)

This step only applied to customers using the SignalBox Javascript SDK. We will be releasing a new SDK under a new name, which should be backwards compatible with the SignalBox library. The new SDK should be compatible with your Four2 application.

Step 2 – Data Migration (for all users)

When you’re ready, we’re going to move your existing database into your new environment at https://[your-unique-subdomain] To do this, just send us an email and we’ll coordinate the timing with you. Once the migration is complete, all your customer data, recommenders, promotions, etc. will be available in your new environment. You’ll be able to start getting recommendations from there. It’s important to move to step 3 as soon as possible after step 2 is complete.

Step 3 – Endpoint Migration (for JavaScript SDK users)

When you’ve been informed that step 2 is complete, then you’ll need to update the endpoint reference when initialising the SDK. The setBaseUrl should be used to point to the new endpoints defined in step 2.

Step 4 – Update Segment Webhooks (Segment users only)

The endpoint for your segment webhooks will have changed. You should update the destination in Segment.

Step 5 – Install Cherry Hubspot App (Hubspot users only)

You’ll need to install the Cherry App on your Hubspot account. This will be possible later this year.