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A Cherry Entity. Promotions to be delivered to Customers via channels.

Cherry Entity

A resource available in the Cherry API.

Common Entity

An Entity with a Common ID.

Common ID

An identifier recognisable by a name/number within the Cherry database to uniquely identify each common entity, for eg customers/promotions/campaigns.

Consuming a recommendation

Consuming a recommendation implies that the recommendation has been shown or applied to a Customer. By default, Cherry assumes that all recommendations are consumed.


A Cherry Entity. Represents a person who is a potential or active customer using your product/service. A customer is a type of common entity. The Common ID is the same as the Customer ID.

Customer Event

Logged activity of a Customer while they used your product/service. eg: every time a customer purchases from you an Customer Event is logged.


A way to group Cherry entities. Environments are commonly used to separate dev/test/prod data.

Data Source

Represents a way to collect Customer Events. Connected to an Integrated System.

Integrations (Integrated Systems)

A Cherry Entity. Represents other tools connected to Cherry that can either be Data Source or Channel for Promotions.


An invokation is the process by which a campaign produces a recommendation.


A Cherry Entity. A value derived from a Customer's events. Metric values are provided to campaigns to help them make decisions.

Metric Generator

A metric generator defines how a metric value is calculated. A generator uses filter(events) select(properties) aggregate pattern to calculate a value from a set of customer events.


A Cherry Entity. A parameter is a numeric variable. Each parameter represents a value that can be varied within a process.


A Cherry Entity. Chooses a promotion for a customer when it is invoked. Represents the process by which we chose promotions for customers. Over time a campaign runs an optimisation routine that maximises revenue weighted conversion.


A Cherry Entity. Contains a promotion that has been recommended for a customer.


A Cherry Entity. A promotion should represent the variations you wish to offer your customers.


A container for all your Cherry environments and entities.