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How Cherry Works

Cherry utilises the latest advances in artificial intelligence to personalize products and promotions for customers. It knows what a customer wants, and what is the best thing to give them to achieve a business goal (e.g. retain)

  • Identifies what customers want next by understanding their behaviour
  • Determines the best offer to give them next
  • Provides the offer in an automated way for you to deliver
  • Measures all outcomes to learn, grow, and increase business value


Cherry reads and interprets your customers attributes and past behaviours, and learns their wants, needs and drivers. It understands incoming events and customer properties and builds a comprehensive profile of the customer. Unlike other products, Cherry doesn't require lots of data integration and configuration to do this.


Cherry personalises offers on a set of Metrics that you identify or automatically does it with our AI. Essentially Cherry chooses the best offer from a list for each customer to achieve some business outcome (e.g. convert, retain). This personalisation doesn't require end-to-end bespoke reimagining of customer journeys.


Cherry delivers recommendations directly through your website or through other avenues using Segment. Recommendations can be delivered when customer behaviour changes or pulled to your website when a customer visits a page (e.g. checkout, cancel subscription).


Using reinforcement learning, Cherry analyses past results and self improves over time for optimal conversion and outcomes. Week-by-week, Cherry looks at how each offer is performing with each customer and updates its personalisation engine accordingly. This means you get consistently better and better performances over time.