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Why Targeting

All customers are unique. They have different needs, wants, and ways they use your product.

This diversity means that not all customers are going to be happy all the time. This impacts revenue, growth, retention, and satisfaction.

What you offer doesn't make all people happy


A single offer will make some customers very happy, some moderately and some indifferent or unhappy.

A/B testing can make a marginal improvement


A/B testing will help increase the optimised metric, e.g. happiness. But you still only have a single offer. You will still have a mix of happy, indifferently, and unhappy customers.

Personalization is the best


Personalization delivers multiple offers increasing the happiness of your customers. Customers are far more satisfied by more relevant and tailored offers.

Cherry enables personalization without the complexity

Delivering multiple offers to your customers based on their needs, wants, and usage behaviour may seem daunting. Cherry Recommends was tailor built to deliver personalization without the complexity so you can get the benefits of personalization for the simplicity of a single offer.